VPN/Remote Data Entry

It is understood that technology has become an inescapable part of our businesses. Internet doesn't just offer a mass amount of useful information, it also allows you to transfer business information securely and make communication easier and faster. With utilizing internet, you can provide remote access to your virtual staff and they can perform any type of clerical work on your system maintaining network security protocols. At Exelien, we provide secure remote data entry services to our worldwide clients employing dedicated high-speed internet connections.

We can remotely login to your systems and perform data entry related to day-to-day activities. Our professionals access all data or information safely through reliable remote desktop connection / virtual private network (VPN). The remote data entry specialists at EXELIEN not only help you in improving productivity but also support you in enhancing quality standard and customer satisfaction. Our remote data entry service enables you to get everything ready on your system and eliminate unwanted time on download/upload or emailing.

An array of our remote data entry services

Our professionals have years of experience in providing accurate remote data entry with fast turnaround time. We have been offering remote data processing services to a variety of industries including (but not limited to) real estate, ecommerce, insurance, marketing, education, banking, medical, stock exchange, etc. Our remote / VPN data entry experts can learn any software easily whether it is customized or personalized. We can execute following processes remotely without errors:

  • Image data entry
  • Legal documents data entry
  • eBook data entry
  • CRM data entry and mining
  • Insurance and medical claims processing
  • Textual, numeric, alphanumeric data entry
  • Survey forms data entry
  • Quickbooks data entry
  • WinTotal / ACI appraisal reports data entry
  • eCommerce order processing
  • Invoice or bills data entry

Benefits of making us your remote data entry partner

If you outsource remote data entry services to us, you can gain substantial cost savings, while accelerating your data entry processes and eliminating overhead expenses. Our data entry teams can handle any type or volume of remote data entry project without compromising on quality. To streamline your data entry operations and expand new business opportunities, we can make available our teams as per your business timings. Here are some advantages you gain with Exelien:

  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Access to experienced virtual data entry assistants
  • Multiple shifts to make fast deliveries
  • High-speed secure internet connectivity
  • Password-encrypted remote / VPN access
  • Total privacy and confidentiality
  • Cost-effective and error-free remote data entry
  • Ability to handle printed / handwritten documents

At EXELIEN, we have highly skilled, talented and dedicated Project Managers to supervise your remote data entry projects. The PM will communicate with you on daily basis to answer queries or provide updates on the work progress. Besides, we employ double entry system (where necessary) to provide you correct and consistent final outcome. Allocate your valuable resources on more profitable assignments, by handing over us time-intensive and tedious remote data capture, data entry and data processing projects.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your VPN / remote data entry outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.