Data Scrubbing

At Exelien, we provide accurate and cost-effective data scrubbing services to our global clients. Our data experts cautiously identify incorrect, invalid, obsolete, incomplete and outdated information from your customers, partners, competition or other business related databases and rectify it precisely with proven data scrubbing techniques.

To ensure that your databases are accurate, current and complete, we maintain and update them regularly employing advanced technology and tested methods. Our data scrubbing professionals have been helping unlike data-intensive organizations from diverse industries including banking, retail, insurance, telecommunication, transportation, medical, education, real estate, etc. With our in-depth knowledge and talented data scrubbing specialists, we can manage small as well as large databases efficiently.

List of our key data scrubbing services

We understand that data scrubbing process is time consuming and it requires proper attention. Therefore, our professionals manually check records to make sure that your databases are error-free, meaningful, appropriately formatted and up-to-date. Here are some foremost areas we cover in data cleaning or data scrubbing services:

  • Information Correction: Our workforce employs advanced techniques to correct and update your customers and critical information databases. We double-check phone numbers, email and mailing addresses to facilitate you to manage your communication effectively with customers.
  • Duplicate Remove: To provide you access of unique records, we verify and remove duplicate records or information from your huge databases. It saves your extra expenses of communication by avoiding chances of more than one call to a particular contact.
  • Updating Missing Data: We thoroughly check your databases to identify and complete missing information. Our professionals have expertise in updating missing post codes, email addresses, cities, states, country, phone area codes, etc.
  • Data Standardizing: To help you gain easy access to clean and consistent database, we standardize or normalize all fields of a database. We not only focus on sequence of fields but also regulate similar data throughout the entire database by formatting it into solo style.
  • Verifying Information: We verify and validate all records from the databases to make them authentic for business purpose. It helps you to take positive business decision and run successful marketing campaigns.

How data scrubbing is beneficial for your business?

Normally data-intensive organizations have tons of data related to customers, suppliers and products. These all databases are useful for a company because these help in managing business activities efficiently. If your databases are not organized and updated regularly then it can cost you losing business and position in the market. Data scrubbing services help you to maintain a clean and consistent database with up-to-date information that results confident decisions and maximum ROI from prospects. Our data scrubbing specialists enable you to run successful marketing campaigns and keep your products information accurate by cleansing, de-duplicating, standardizing, normalizing, verifying and validating your databases. We employ sophisticated data scrubbing process to ensure hundred percent error-free results.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your data scrubbing or cleansing outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.