Specialized Data Support

Yellow / White Pages Data Entry : There are not enough trustworthy sources available to locate genuine sales leads or potential clients. Yellow pages or white pages directories are one of the most reliable sources to find valid vendors and partners for your business. But extracting tons of data from yellow pages or white pages could be a very time consuming and tedious task because it requires proper attention to the details such as business listing name, person name, residential / office address, phone, fax, email, website, classification or category, etc. At Exelien we help our clients to extract relevant information from yellow pages or white pages quickly and accurately.

Through our yellow pages data entry services, you can collate business listings, pre-sales leads, potential services and product offerings without errors. Our white pages data entry services experts employ advanced capturing techniques and data collection methods to extract all required information correctly. We provide proper attention to the details like categories, business type, location, etc. It enables us to deliver you sales leads or business listings within the criteria you needed for your marketing campaigns.

Why outsource yellow / white pages data entry services?

To accelerate processes and maximize profits, you can outsource data entry services for yellow pages or white pages. Outsourcing allows you to focus on core objectives of your business by assigning labor-intensive data entry processes to experts like Exelien. If you outsource yellow or white pages data processing, you can gain following benefits directly:

  • Focus on Core Areas: By outsourcing you save a lot of time, which you can invest on focusing core business areas. You can make better marketing plans with extra time and rise above competitors.
  • Access to skilled resources: You no longer need to spend time in recruiting expensive in-house resources, outsourcing companies can provide you access to high skilled and experienced workers on affordable prices.
  • Save on infrastructure: When you outsource yellow pages data entry services, you do not need to invest in infrastructure. An outsourcing partner will make all arrangements to complete your project efficiently.
  • Time zone advantage: An India based company can finish job overnight and deliver you completed assignment in your morning. There are a lot of companies based America / Europe, taking advantage of the time difference between India and their country.

Benefits of making us your white / yellow pages data entry partner

We have been providing yellow pages or white pages data processing, entry and conversion services to global clients from last several years. Our professionals have expertise in extracting yellow pages or white pages data, standardizing abbreviations and formatting city/town/postal codes fields for consistency. Listed below are some of the benefits, you get with us:

  • Quick delivery timeframes
  • 60-65% savings on operational cost
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Access to trained data entry workforce
  • Stringent information privacy policy
  • Easy communication – Email/Phone/Chat
  • Capability to manage any size of project
  • Multi-layered Quality Control (QC) process

Our white pages or yellow pages data entry services experts are fully capable to extract useful information from both online directories as well as scanned/printed directories. We employ OCR technology and manual data entry (where necessary) to achieve optimum output results in each record. Also, we can deliver you white or yellow pages' data in a variety of digital file formats including Microsoft Excel, MS Access, Comma-Separated Value (.csv), etc.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your white pages data entry / yellow pages data entry outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.