Large Volume Data Processing

Unorganized large volumes data can slow down your business activities and mislead you while taking imperative decisions for future operations. At Exelien, we offer high quality large volumes data processing services with minimum hassles at economical prices. It allows you to increase the rhythm of your business activities in a rapid pace and gives you many other competitive advantages.

To simplify your data processing operations, we combine together state-of-the-art technologies and highly experienced data processing professionals. We have a proven track record in providing high-quality large volume data processing services to worldwide clients. Our workforce has expertise in cleaning, enriching and updating high volume data related to any business type. We can capture raw data and convert it into any desirable digital file format precisely and effortlessly.

What our data processing services include?

We offer a wide-range of bulk data processing services including database building, mailing list compilation, keypunching from images, data extraction from web, electronic publication, scanning, document conversion, data capture, web research, data mining etc. Utilizing latest tools, technology and techniques, we can process data from any format including images, manuscripts, printed text documents, audios, videos, etc. and transform it into preferred editable electronic format. The following is some of the major areas, we cover in our large volume data processing services:

  • Digital imaging / document scanning
  • Manual data entry / data capture
  • OCR - optical character recognition
  • Data cleansing or enrichment
  • Digitization and document conversion
  • Data aggregation and summarization
  • Data tabulation and presentation
  • Statistical data analysis and interpretation
  • Database creation and updation
  • Data extraction from web directories

Input/Output formats of data processing

We can input from books, manuals, periodicals, research papers, customer lists, warranty registrations, trade show contacts, business cards, product catalogs and other data entry sources. And deliver you output in any digital file format e.g. Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Access (*.mdb), Microsoft Excel (*.xls), Database (*.dbf), Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf), HTML (*.htm) via e-mail, CD, DVDs, FTP or any other mode of data transfer which you required.

Our data processing experts work in 2 shifts to deliver high quality results within short turnaround time. With skilled resources and value added processes, we ensure maximum productivity every hour or day without compromising on quality. Also, our free sample gives advantage to new customers and they can access our work quality, turnaround time and communication strategy without any commitment.