Scanning and QA Application

This application is a Windows based document scanning and quality assurance application. It interfaces with Twain compatible scanners and allows user to Scan single or multiple documents in Batch scanning mode.

Exelien developed the GUI and entire coding for the features for this extremely powerful application. Application can be used by Government departments, Litigation support firms, Document management companies, Legal professionals, Financial Services, Accounting firms, Aerospace and Defense, High Technology companies, Manufacturing, Retail sector, Healthcare sector, Manufacturing sector, Education sector etc.

These documents scanned are then processed for and quality assurance is done to check the documents for good or bad quality. Flexible workflow is available to choose various processes.

The documents are stored in various folders at the user rescue's discretion. Each scanned document is displayed to user in a grid. User can navigate from one page view to another and see hundreds of documents like this. Also User can navigate from one folder to another to see selective documents. Barcode recognition is also available while scanning the documents. It supports all 1-D and 2-D barcode patterns. User can select what barcodes need to be checked while scanning. User can set the rotation of the document as per his/ her discretion for viewing in the grid for display of documents scanned. User can set the contrast, resolution, brightness, etc. of the images scanned.


.net 2.0 platform,,, Windows services, Com, Multithreading, MS-access and XML