Archiving and Indexing

Are you hassled with your business documents? e.g. permanent records, legal case files, accounts books, resolutions bound books, instruction manuals, technical manuals, newsletters, magazines, catalogs, parts lists, medical / dental records, survey forms, resumes back issues, contracts, receipts, faxes, etc.

We can provide your company with extremely inexpensive solutions that take those existing documents and put them onto CD / DVD or online database so that the paper can be destroyed. Our prices are highly competitive and our fully trained professional team can meet your requirements, which accurately reflects your needs.

List of our key document indexing services

We at Exelien provide document scanning, digitization, archiving and indexing services to modern offices who want to reduce paper storage space and retrieve documents effortlessly. Our document indexing professionals not only make your offices paper free but also enhance processes for better management. The following is a partial list of document indexing services, we provide:

  • Barcode Indexing
  • Automated Data Capture Software Indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition Indexing
  • Match-n-Merge Indexing
  • Double Key Indexing
  • Variable Lookup Indexing

Our document indexing service experts capture valuable data or content accurately from an assortment of business documents and facilitate our clients to easily retrieve scanned documents from any computer, laptop or mobile device. We can index your documents with invoice number, customer name, date field, document type, etc.

Why outsource document indexing services to us?

By outsourcing non-functional work like document indexing and archiving, you can concentrate on core business activities for maximum profits. Exelien has been providing document archiving services to different industries including healthcare, real estate, insurance, banking, retail, etc. at economical prices. Here are some foremost factors, which help you in choosing us:

  • Try out our quality and turnaround by taking FREE Trial Offer
  • Access to trained professionals that you may not have in-house
  • Save almost 65% on your operating costs by leveraging our document archiving services
  • We are capable to handle huge volumes of document indexing / archiving projects
  • A rigorous Quality Control (QC) process to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Full privacy and confidentiality for your documents and personal information
  • Transparent communication with round the clock customer support
  • Customized solutions to your expectations or business needs

Benefits of document archiving and indexing services

Image or document Indexing is a process of extracting essential information from the scanned papers / receipts / bills / invoices and other electronic files storage. This essential information could be anything such as keyword, document number, receipt number, titles, invoice number, file name, document date etc. We perform data entry or data capturing to build an index database as per the instructions provided by you, also we can do document coding directly into your indexing application using remote desktop system.

The key benefits of document indexing and archiving are quick and easy retrieval, anywhere access through internet and extra free office space. Bring us your stacks of paper documents and we will index them into the format you needed such as TXT, CSV (tab or comma delimited), excel spreadsheet and online database.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your document archiving / indexing outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.