Document Management System

This application is a Windows based Electronic Document Management System (DMS) for an enterprise. It provides various features to manage documents in electronic form. The document can be PDF files, TIFF or JPEG images, MS-word files, Excel spreadsheets or Outlook Message files. It manages processing of documents as per the user requirement. The files can be fed into the DMS through a CD or from files received through an Email.

Exelien developed the GUI and entire coding for the features for this extremely powerful application. Application can be used by Government departments, Litigation support firms, Document management companies, Legal professionals, Financial Services, Accounting firms, Aerospace and Defense, High Technology companies, Manufacturing, Retail sector and Healthcare sector.


  • PDF to TIFF conversion
  • PDF password removal before processing
  • PDF Pagination
  • Based on folder directory structure
  • Delimit pagination or page count.
  • PDF optimization feature
  • Creation of empty ringtail database
  • Batch processing of documents for PDF to TIFF conversion
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of content in PDF files.
  • Processing from and into
  • Ringtail/ Summation databases
  • Complete Ringtail and Summation handling
  • Bulk processing of documents
  • Zprint of documents
  • Can be deployed in Distributed computing environment

Input of raw documents for processing can be done from multiple folders and in a hierarchy as desired by the user.


.net 2.0 platform,,, Windows services, Com, Multithreading, MS-access and XML