Data Cleansing

Data De-duplication : Almost organizations have massive amounts of data to run their business successfully, the essential data plays a vital role in contemporary digital business environment but if the data is duplicate then it increases cost of the organization. The duplicate data occupy disk space, slow down retrieval process and affect email campaigns.

At Exelien, we offer high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective data de-duplication services. Our specialists employ a meticulous process to clean your databases from unwanted and distracting data. We have years of experience in data deduplication services and our professionals have executed many large volumes and diverse complexities projects effectively.

The process, we use for data de-duplication

We are specialized in removing duplicate records or data from different type of databases including customer, financial and customer spend, patient, asset tracking, product and inventory, master, etc. Our data deduplication service experts enable you to improve your business's insight by delivering you meaningful set of unique records. Here are basic steps of our data de-duplication process:

  • Data Merging: To avoid data scatter, we merge all related data and create a single database
  • Data Matching: We match important and critical information to identify duplicates
  • Data Purging: After finding duplicate records or data, we eliminate them to get a clean list

Benefits of data de-duplication services

The data deduplication service improves the quality of your CRM, financial, HR and production datasets. Also, it facilitates you to remove the overhead expenses associated with duplicate records. Following are some key benefits of data de-duplication service:

  • Centralized back-up data
  • Instantaneous data restoring
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption
  • Efficient data recovery
  • Improved data protection and data integrity
  • Faster transmission of data in the network
  • Superior performance from optimized back-up systems

Why outsource data de-duplication services to us?

We are leading provider of data dedupliation services to global clients from different industries. Our professionals use strict and vigilant processes to maintain valuable data and get rid of redundant data. To provide you maximum accuracy in the results, we employ state-of-the-art data de-duplication technology and techniques. Alternatively, you can save more than 65% on operational costs by selecting us as your data deduplication outsourcing partner.

Our stringent data privacy and information confidentiality policies assure you for greatest data security. We are equipped with a team of experienced and highly talented data experts, who can handle any volume of data deuplication project precisely and proficiently. Our project managers are committed to deliver outcome ahead of schedule with high accuracy, even in tight deadlines.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your data de-duplication outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.