Brand Management

With fierce competition over the net, it is very important to protect and constantly enhance the brand image for an online company. At Exelien, we specialize in enhancing brand image of businesses through techniques, which we have devised over the period of time.

We work towards improving the web presence over different online mediums while tackling negative comments and feedbacks if any.

Various Online Brand Management Services provided by Exelien are:

  • Online Brand Management
  • Social Networking & Media Promotions
  • Web Banners Creation
  • Newsletter Promotions

Branding is one of the most important and influencing aspect of business generation. With rise in competition and increased customer base, at times, many negative business feedbacks in form of blogs, forum comments or discussion board messages emerges out on internet. These comments / feedbacks can hamper your online reputation thereby making you loose business. To tackle this menace, you need to make sure that such content does not come up on top search engine rankings for phrases related to your brand name/ business or other targeted keywords.

We at Exelien, provides services to manage and enhance your brand image over the internet. We work to weed out negative comments and feedbacks out of search rankings. Also we work to improve the brand image on social networking websites.

We work on different mediums to enhance your brand's image. We work to take off negative websites/ forums off the search engines by promoting clients network of websites.

  • Write content on blogs, websites and forums.
  • We create comparison websites/ blogs promoting products and services of clients.
  • We answer people who have negative feedbacks over forums to turn their negative comments in to positive.
  • We create positive feedback in social networking websites.
  • Search Engine Optimization of client's websites.
  • Creation of network of websites/ blogs/ discussion boards.
  • We plan Online Brand Management Campaign after careful analysis to make sure it yields the best results thereby protecting your business from losses due to negative branding. Please write in to us for more details
Online Reputation Management ORM

Does Your Search Engine Results Look Like This ?

And You Want To Change Them To

  • Are negative comments, blog posts, news articles and reviews haunting you when you search on Google (or other search engines) for yourself or your business name?
  • Are you a target of negative PR? Is your competitor filling up web space with negative comments about your business?
  • Are you seeing your name on various complaint boards, consumer sites, review forums, discussion boards?
  • Unhappy customers are writing negative comments and reviews about you and your business?
  • If YES, then our Online Reputation Management (ORM) services are what you need. Our tested state-of-the-art Reputation Management Strategies will help you get rid of all negative comments, reviews, blog posts etc from the search engine rankings.

Why You Need Reputation Management?
  • Old Law Suits – Various agencies report law suits in a very peculiar manner. It is possible that old lawsuits may be projecting you as villain on the web. You might want to get rid of those listings from the top search ranks for positive presence on the web.
  • Competitor's Attack – It is possible that your competitor is posting negative reviews, comments and writing negative PR on the web with a sole aim of jeopardizing your business. Those review might be ranking on top of search engine results when someone searches for your or your business name.
  • Unhappy Customers – Negative/ bad reviews about your products or services can hamper your business reputation. New customers searching for your business might get influenced and choose not to do business with you or your organization.
  • New Business Deals – You may lose important business deals due to negative feedbacks and reviews on the top search engine results.
  • Personal Attack – Some jealous individuals might want to tarnish your image on the web by posting negative comments, pictures,jokes, consumer complaints, reviews etc which can be devastating for any individual. You might want to use our Online Reputation Management – ORM services to weed out such search engine results and manage your PR.
What We Do?

After identifying the graveness of the issue, we work on a strategy to spread positivity and weed out negative feedbacks, reviews, comments etc from the search engine results.

  • Customized Online Reputation Management Process – Depending on the level of complexity, we formulate our Reputation Management strategy. Our strategy includes creating and optimizing new websites, blogs, social networking profiles, press releases, website content etc. Besides these, we incorporate various other proven tactics for Reputation Management.
  • Usage Of Reputation Management Tools – We utilize our custom created online reputation tools and software to get the desired results. These state-of-the-art Reputation Management Tools are time tested to deliver desired results.
  • Cleaning Internet Search Results – We make sure that the first page of Search Engines remains clean of any negative links for your business. We make sure you get positive reviews on the top search engines pages for your business.

Reputation Management Services
  • We have wide experience in Online Reputation Management for corporate and individuals.
  • We have developed customized Online Reputation Management Tools that are extremely successful in taking out negative feedbacks.
  • We make sure that top search engine ranks are clean for you to stay on top of your competition.
  • We follow ethical methods only for managing online reputation. We increase the web presence on the web through all means namely social bookmarks, classified sites, discussion forums, review websites, social networks, blogs, PR sites, local business directories etc.
  • Even in tough scenarios, our online reputation management strategies have proved to be extremely beneficial. Over the time, we have yielded extraordinary results where our strategies have cleared search engine ranks for negative links.
  • In place of bad reviews, comments, feedbacks, etc web users will find the better side of your business.

Who Needs Reputation Management?

Any business, organization or individual who is affected by the bad or negative reviews, links and comments on the web needs online reputation management services. Having negative links on the top of search engine ranks can incur heavy business loss, can result in breaking up of business deals, or may scare away new customers. This makes it very important to hire online reputation management specialist to keep search results clean of any negative influence.

Online Reputation Management Pricing

Every Online Reputation Management project has a separate challenge, completion and demands customized strategy. For every issue our online reputation management specialists analyze the issue first and plan a strategy for the same. To know more about our pricing, please contact us with your specific problems/ issues.

Social Networking and Media promotion is the latest buzz word in internet marketing. Internet users are linked together through various social networks like Facebook, MySpace , Twitter etc. Also Social Media networks like are extensively used by internet users to search for information. At Exelien we utilize Social Networks and Social Media to generate leads and increase brand popularity.

  • At Exelien, we provide professional web banner design services. The banners can be used at
  • Own network of websites.
  • As Affiliate links.
  • On partners websites.
  • On related blogs, forums & discussion boards.
  • On Social networking sites.
  • Within newsletters, press releases.

Features of Web Banner Design Services at Exelien:-
  • Professional banner designs to promote your products and services.
  • We create Flash and Photoshop banners.
  • Customized banners can be made in any colors and sizes.

At Exelien, we provide professional newsletter promotion services. Our professional writers create promotional content specific to your marketing campaign. We follow simple language in most effective way to target the audience. We also provide newsletter distribution services.

We specialize in creation of newsletters for:
  • Product Launch
  • New Service Introduction
  • Regular Service Updates
  • Imparting Knowledge or Educating Users
  • Promotional Activities
  • Entertainment
  • Regular News
  • Contests and Feedback Requests

A well written newsletter can easily change the number of positive responses. Please contact Exelien for professional newsletter services.