Mailing List Compilation

Having an accurate and update-to-date mailing list is always good for marketing efforts. We at Exelien help businesses to compile valuable mailing lists promptly and precisely. Our mailing list compilation services teams have extensive experience in compiling fresh mailing list and enhancing existing mailing lists both. We spend proper time to understand your specific marketing requirements and compile mailing list exactly suited to your needs.

Our specialists not only help you in compiling business or consumer mailing lists but also assist you in improving existing mailing addresses by cleaning, enriching and standardizing them. To build a current and accurate mailing list, we can compile data from an assortment of sources including printed directories, online business portals, marketing directories, printed papers, etc. By authenticating all mailing list fields, we enable you to reach right prospects or customers for your products or services promotion.

What our mailing list compilation services include?

Exelien employs latest tools and technology to provide you best-in-class mailing list compilation services. Our professionals are committed to provide superior outcome at minimum operational cost in every project. To fulfill your marketing campaign requirements and make marketing efforts successful, we use an optimum mix of people and techniques. The following are some of the key areas, we cover in our mailing list compilation services:

  • Mailing List data entry from web / printed directories
  • Splitting or combining fields such as the contact name or the city/state/zip code
  • Formatting zip codes and or phone numbers to enhance readability
  • Mailing address verification and de-duplication
  • Inserting or removing fields
  • Updating / standardizing / modifying the information
  • Removing obsolete records
  • Converting combined fields (city, state zip etc.) into separate database columns
  • Eliminating records with missing address components

Benefits of outsourcing mailing list compilation services to us

When you outsource mailing list compilation services to us, we assure you about high quality, total confidentiality and fast turnaround time. Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge in mailing listing compilation field, facilitate us to provide you customized solutions for your unique requirements. At Exelien, we understand that mailing list is a key component for direct marketing campaigns. Thus, we compile functional and result-oriented mailing list for our worldwide clients. Listed below are some of the key benefits you gain with us:

  • A stringent quality control (QC) process
  • Total data security and information privacy
  • Access to the latest equipment and technology
  • Ability to handle a huge volume of work in a short time
  • Upto 60-65% savings in the operational cost
  • Certified, trained and qualified professionals>
  • Transparent and easy communication with team
  • Verified and validated mailing lists for marketing campaigns

We are one of the leading companies in India that provide cost-effective mailing list compilation services to diverse industry clients. Based on the requirement, our experts can conduct processes such as gender identification, address cleaning and incomplete records identification / rectification. By outsourcing mailing list compilation services to us, you can save on time, money and efforts. Also, you can allocate your precious resources on core business activities for maximum profit. Our mailing list compilation team works like your in-house production team and delivery you quality results ahead of schedule.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your mailing list compilation services outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.